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More Filings in Support of Employees and Retirees in TVARS Court Case


In the words of the Sixth Circuit, “TVARS has an obligation to look out for the interests of plan participants . . . .” At a minimum, TVARS must follow its own Rules. That did not happen between 2009 and 2013. The TVARS Board passed amendments that slashed hundreds of millions of dollars of COLA and interest benefits. The Board failed to give proper notice of the amendments and disobeyed the Rules that protected such benefits. The Board then took hundreds of millions of dollars out of the Excess COLA Account, a fund set aside to pay for COLAs in the future. The amounts taken far exceeded the limits in the Rules.

The Court should grant summary judgment to Plaintiffs and enforce the Rules. It makes a difference to tens of thousands of employees and retirees. Not even federal agencies can ignore the law for cost savings or expediency.