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Retiree Director Blocks Much Needed TVARS Reforms Again

At the September 12, 2018 TVARS Board meeting, Jim Hovious, Sam DeLay and I continued to push for much needed reforms.  The Board blocked all of our efforts with 4-3 votes.  In every case, the four person majority consisted of the retiree and the three TVA-appointed directors.  The retiree director phoned in for the official meeting, but as has often been the case, did not participate in any Board discussions prior to the official meeting.  The following reforms were either voted down or tabled by the retiree and the three TVA-appointed directors: 

Election of the retiree director by all retireesAssure TVARS reaches full funded status per GAO recommendationPublic TVARS Board meetingsProhibit the retiree director from TVA business relationshipsDisqualify any director who participates in TVA’s fully funded Executive Retirement Plan

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TVA Violates Labor Agreements with Manipulation of TVARS

The TVARS Board has the legal authority to initiate changes in the employee 401(k) match and pension benefits. Per decades old labor agreements, the TVARS Board is structured to give equal representation to labor and management. Of the seven member board of directors, three are employee-elected, three are management-appointed, and the seventh is selected by those six. Per these labor agreements, labor and management do not directly bargain for retirement benefits as long as this structure holds. If the structure is violated, labor has the right to directly negotiate for retirement benefits.

TVA is implementing a plan which violates the structure of the TVARS Board with the support of the TVA Retiree Association (TVARA), current seventh TVARS Board Director Allen Stokes, and the three management-appointed TVARS Board directors. The TVARA is an influential retiree organization supported by management which has no legal authority over the 401(k) match or pension benefits. This plan tilts…

TVARA/Stokes Have Chance to Make Things Right

Allen Stokes, the retiree TVARS director, will have an opportunity to vote with the three TVARS elected directors on Tuesday to overturn the "term limit" rule. Allen Stokes, with support from someone in TVARA leadership (as evidenced by the May 9, 2018 letter from TVARA President DeWitt Burleson to CEO William Johnson and TVARS Chairman Brian Child), voted for the term limit rule on June 15, 2018. Why would someone in TVARA leadership ask Allen Stokes to vote for a rule which eliminates the most knowledgeable and well-known champion of TVA retirees from the TVARS Board? Why would Allen Stokes vote for it even if asked?

I can at least understand why Tammy Wilson, VP, Treasurer and CRO, Christopher Hinton, VP Compensation & Benefits, and Brian Child, Director of Forecasting & Financial Planning, voted for the "term limit" rule. They are ambitious, want to advance their careers, and do not want to jeopardize that by voting against CEO William Johnson's wis…

Follow-Up Letter to TVA Board


July 24, 2018

Mary Margaret Painter
TVA Senior Board Services Specialist

Ms. Painter,

This is a follow-up to my letter of July 20, 2018. Please inform the TVA Board that I have reluctantly filed a whistleblower complaint against TVA for targeting me for removal from the TVARS Board of directors through passage of the following amendment to Section 3(2) of the TVARS rules:

"An individual is eligible to serve as a director of the board (either elected, appointed, or selected) no more than three full 3-year terms. Any partial term less than 3 years for which an individual has been elected, appointed, or selected under the provisions of this section 3(2) for the unexpired portion of a predecessor’s term does not count toward this term limit of three full 3-year terms. Notwithstanding the above, any individual who has already served as a director for three full 3-year terms as of the effective date of this provision will be eligible to continue as a member of the boa…

Please Support My Request to the TVA Board

I asked the TVA Board today to veto the amendment to Section 3(2) of the TVARS rules which disqualifies me from running in this year’s election. Please support my request by emailing the TVA Board at Please copy and paste one of the following or write your own:

Please veto the amendment to Section 3(2) of the TVARS rules passed by the TVARS Board which unfairly targets Leonard and limits my choices.

I would like the opportunity to vote for Leonard. Please veto the amendment to Section 3(2) of the TVARS rules passed by the TVARS Board with a 4-3 vote.

TVARS hasn’t had term limits throughout its 79 year history. It shouldn’t adopt them now just to target Leonard!

Thank You

See my email to the TVA Board here. I tried to give a good overview of what is going on so the TVA Board members might better understand. This could also help you explain to others who are not very familiar with what is happening. Again, thank you all very much.

U. S. Government Agency Accused of Election Interference

An agency of the U.S. government, the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA), was accused today of meddling in its employee election for an employee representative on its pension board. The TVA Retirement System (TVARS) Election Committee formally requested TVA's Inspector General to intervene on behalf of TVA employees to stop the attempt to disqualify an employee candidate "after the employee election was underway, throwing the employee election in chaos."

TVA and the TVA Retiree Association, "neither of which represent employees, are seeking to change employee elections to deny employees their right to re-elect a long time TVARS board member who most employees know has served TVARS members well."

The election committee also asked for funding of independent counsel to review the rule change "passed Ex Post Facto" to "deny both the candidate and the nominating employee’s due process in the TVARS election and should be illegal based on the United State…

Muzyn 2018 TVARS Campaign Statement

Please share with others and consider voting for me The voting period is August 20 - September 5 
The TVARS board recently approved a term limit amendment to the rules by a 4-3 vote which attempts to disqualify me. Please do not let the confusion surrounding this amendment undermine the power of your vote. Please vote for me if you would like me to continue working for you. I am qualified to serve. My nominating petitions, signed by many of you, were accepted before this amendment was approved. The timing and effect of the approval of this amendment clearly demonstrate that: It is an ex post facto attempt to nullify my candidacy and remove me from the board with four votes instead of the legally required five.It is in retaliation for my providing information to the GAO team auditing TVA’s finances which clearly demonstrated the need for additional TVARS funding. TVA made an additional $500 million contribution in 2017 following the release of the GAO report to Congress in March of that …